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Beloit Child Support

Understanding Beloit Child Support

Beloit Child Support

Beloit Child Support is determined by WI STAT Chapter DCF150 which can be found at the following link:  https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/code/admin_code/dcf/101_153/150

The calculations vary based on the type of placement (i.e. primary, split or shared) and the income of the parent (or parents if share or split placement exists).   The shared placement calculations are somewhat difficult so a shared placement calculator is available on the web by searching for “WI shared placement calculator.”  The split placement is a little easier.  It too can be found on the web by searching for “WI split placement calculator.”

Shared Placement is based on the number of over-nights where 25% or more is shared placement.  So, having four(4) over nights in a fourteen(14) day period is 28.6% placement, while three(3) over nights in a fourteen day period is 21.4% placement.  So, one(1) day can mean the difference between shared and primary placement.  Shared placement has an impact on whether the child can move.  Shared placement support usually includes variable expenses, which are costs related to events, school, and external education costs.

Split Placement is dividing the minor children between the homes.  So, if there are three(3) children and one(1) of them stays with a parent, and the other two(2) stay with the other parent, that would be split placement.  Split placement does occur more than you would think, especially in larger families.

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