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Contempt Motions

Motions for Contempt

Contempt motions may be filed during the divorce or after the divorce is final. Contempt motions encompass any deviation from a court’s order from failure to pay child support, placement interference, custody interference, or failure to pay medical costs and expenses.

At Missimer Law, S.C., we have filed contempt motions when temporary orders for paying bills or child support were disobeyed or ignored. We have also filed motions for contempt when final divorce orders regarding property division or physical placement were violated.

Attorney Richard S. Missimer has successfully defended clients accused of contempt motions. He has also negotiated contempt cases to reduce the amount of damage or facilitate an outcome in the interests of all parties. Attorney Missimer has also filed contempt charges on behalf of clients whose ex-spouses were not obeying court orders.

Contempt sanctions may include up to six(6) months in the county jail. So, contempt charges must be taken seriously. If you have been accused of contempt or want to file a motion for contempt, contact a serious family law attorney. Contact Attorney Richard Missimer at   262-565-8200.

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Richard_MissimerHe has been practicing law since 2006. He graduated from Marquette University Law School, sitting right next to Karyn. Richard focuses on Family Law, Divorce, CHiPs, and Bankruptcy. Richard’s decades of family law, business, accounting, and tax experience make him an ideal attorney for such cases. If you are looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable Divorce or Family Lawyer, look no further. Richard’s phone number is (262)565-8200.

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