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Madison OWI / Madison DUI / Madison DWI

Madison OWI / Madison DUI / Madison DWI Attorney Information  

If you have been arrested for a Madison OWI / Madison DUI / Madison DWI in Wisconsin, you need to act quickly. Missimer Law, S.C. attorneys represent Madison residents and the surrounding municipalities who have been arrested with OWI / DUI, including driving on a suspended or revoked license. The harsh ramifications of a OWI / DUI offense affects all aspects of your livelihood. A revoked license can affect your ability to get to your job. Therefore, a qualified and experienced OWI / DUI attorney who is experienced with the ins and outs of Wisconsin  laws needs to be at your side.

At Missimer Law, S.C. we will be at your side to help you protect your rights and freedom. If you submitted to a breath test, you only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request an administrative hearing before the Department of Transportation (“DOT”).  The DOT hearing is completely separate from the court process, but affects your ability to drive almost immediately.

Where you were arrested is crucial to understanding the punishment you are facing, as each county (and Madison is in Dane County) has its own DUI/OWI guidelines.  These guidelines instruct judges on sentencing people convicted of DUI or OWI.  The most important factor in sentencing is your blood alcohol content.  Madison’s DUI/OWI guidelines can be found online at Dane County DUI Guidelines.  Email Attorney Karyn T. Missimer regarding how the guidelines apply in your case.

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We believe you will find that Atty Karyn T. Missimer  the ideal attorney to protect your rights. Contact her for a free consultation at (262) 565-8201.

Attorney Karyn T. Missimer

Attorney Karyn MissimerShe is a born criminal defense attorney, who has been practicing law for more than 7 years. Her main focus is DUI defense. She is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Karyn teaches DUI defense to other attorneys through the State Bar and Wisconsin’s Annual DUI Seminar in Elkhart Lake. If you are serious about defending your DUI or OWI case, you need a serious lawyer. Call or email Karyn. Her phone number is (262)565-8201.

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