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Disorderly Conduct and Battery

Disorderly Conduct and Battery Information in Wisconsin

 Disorderly Conduct

At our Janesville, Wisconsin law firm of Missimer Law, S.C., we know disorderly conduct does not occur just between married or co-habiting couples.  Disorderly conduct may involve violence between brothers and sisters, children and parents, friends, or complete strangers.  As a result of a law requiring police to arrest anyone accused of domestic violence, simply failing to file charges against the accused party does not stop the process.  Persons in a domestic disturbance may still be arrested, charged, and convicted – even with a false accusation from the alleged victim.  If you find yourself charged with domestic violence, or domestic disorderly conduct, or just plain disorderly conduct, contact a criminal defense attorney experienced in defending people against all types of disorderly conduct charges. Call Attorney Karyn Missimer and Missimer Law, S.C.!

Consequences of Domestic Violence

A domestic violence conviction can be a serious matter.  Jail time, no-contact orders, absolute sobriety requirements, and the loss of your right to carry a gun are a few of the penalties for a domestic abuse, domestic battery, or domestic violence conviction.  It is important to have an experienced attorney defend you and protect your rights.  Our criminal defense lawyer will negotiate with police and prosecutors in an effort to have criminal charges reduced to civil matters.

Criminal Battery

Battery can be a misdemeanor or a felony, and encompasses simple battery (where there are no serious injuries), reckless endangerment, or a more serious crime such as aggravated battery (where there are serious injuries).  These crimes may carry significant penalties, even if they do not involve family members.  Our experienced criminal defense attorney works hard to minimize the charges and any jail time or other penalties you may face.  We review police reports, determine whether the prosecutor is willing to negotiate, and advise you whether to proceed to a trial or accept a plea agreement.  Plea agreements, even for a seemingly simple charge, can have consequences that you should discuss with an experienced criminal defense attorney before entering your plea. Contact our experienced criminal defense lawyer, Karyn Missimer, at Missimer Law, S.C., for a free initial phone consultation.

Attorney Karyn T. Missimer

Attorney Karyn MissimerShe is a born criminal defense attorney, who has been practicing law for more than 7 years. Her main focus is DUI defense. She is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Karyn teaches DUI defense to other attorneys through the State Bar and Wisconsin’s Annual DUI Seminar in Elkhart Lake. If you are serious about defending your DUI or OWI case, you need a serious lawyer. Call or email Karyn. Her phone number is (262)565-8201.

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