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Recommended DUI Attorneys in Other States

Looking for a DUI attorney in another state?  Attorneys Karyn and Richard Missimer endorse the following DUI attorneys in the following states:

Tampa, Florida:  Tampa’s Top DUI Defense Attorneys Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, P.A. focus on early investigation and the clients’ needs.  Their attorneys handle all DUI cases from first time offenders to multiple offenders to DUI manslaughters.

Cumming, Georgia:  Attorney R. Parker McFarland, Jr. believes in tailoring his DUI representation to his clients’ needs.  He has the skills to successfully defend or negotiate a DUI case, and serves Cumming, Georgia and the surrounding communities.

Douglas County, Coweta County, and West Georgia:  Attorney Allen Trapp is board certified in DUI defense by the National College for DUI Defense.  His experience and knowledge are sought after by DUI defense attorneys across the nation.  He serves Douglas County, Coweta County, and West Georgia.

Gwinnett County, Georgia:  Attorney Robert Giannini is a rare breed:  A DUI and criminal law attorney with the commitment, zealousness, skills, and experience to command the highest of legal fees.  Yet, he is committed to providing defense of DUI, felonies, and misdemeanors at reasonable rates.  Check Attorney Giannini out at Gwinnnett Law Office, Giannini Law Office, and Atlanta Trial Lawyers.

Illinois:  Attorney Donald Ramsell wrote the book on Illinois DUI Defense!  He defends people in Cook, Dupage, and Kane Counties.

Kansas:  Since 1991, Attorney Brian Leininger has been practicing DUI law in the State of Kansas. As a former prosecutor and general counsel to the Kansas Highway Patrol, his skills are legendary.

Kansas and Missouri:  Attorneys Jay Norton and Ryan Hare are experienced and successful DUI attorneys.  Attorneys Norton and Hare, and their staff, have a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Kansas and Missouri DWI law.  They also practice in all other areas of Traffic Defense, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Divorce, Domestic Relations, and other general legal matters in the municipal and district courts of Kansas and Missouri.

Massachusetts:  DUI consequences in Massachusetts are serious.  If you are charged with a DUI in Massachusetts, you need a serious DUI attorney, like Attorney Jason Chan.  Having served as a prosecutor before becoming a criminal defense attorney, Attorney Chan knows the system and defends his clients accordingly.

Michigan:  Attorney Patrick T. Barone has been representing DUI clients throughout the State of Michigan since 1992. He is a national authority on DUI law, and his publications and articles have become biblical within the DUI community.  Mr. Barone is also an adjunct professor at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he teaches a course entitled “Drunk Driving Law and Practice.”

Minnesota:  For over 15 years, Attorney Charles Ramsay has been on the cutting edge of DUI defense.  Mr. Ramsay wins DUI cases at the trial and appellate levels.

New York: No attorney in New York is as dedicated to DUI defense as Ronald Meltzer. If you need a serious attorney for a New York DUI, look no further than Attorney Meltzer.

North Carolina:  Attorney Bill Powers is a nationally renown DUI defense attorney. His down-to-earth charm and knowledge of DUI case law make him an effective advocate before both judges and juries.

Tennessee:  As a former police officer, Attorney Edward S. Ryan offers a unique perspective on DUI defense, and he can anticipate and deflate the prosecution’s arguments.

Fairfax County, Virginia: Paul McGlone of McGlone Law Firm is an attorney in Fairfax County, Virginia with over 20 years of experience.  He has represented hundreds of clients accused of DUI, as well as various drug-related and other criminal and traffic offenses.

Rockbridge County, Virginia:  Attorney Charles V. Hardenbergh has over 13 years of DUI defense experience.  He is well-versed in the science necessary for successfully challenging both blood and breath tests.

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National College for DUI Defense: www.ncdd.com

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Attorney Karyn MissimerShe is a born criminal defense attorney, who has been practicing law for more than 7 years. Her main focus is DUI defense. She is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Karyn teaches DUI defense to other attorneys through the State Bar and Wisconsin’s Annual DUI Seminar in Elkhart Lake. If you are serious about defending your DUI or OWI case, you need a serious lawyer. Call or email Karyn. Her phone number is (262)565-8201.

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