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Monroe Divorce

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Divorce actions in Monroe (i.e. Green County) start with the filing of a Summons and Petition for divorce (or legal separation) filed by the Petitioner (or sometimes the Joint Petitioner).  The paperwork is served on the opposing party and they have twenty(20) days to voice jurisdictional objection and/or answer the petition.   In this time and until the court has granted the divorce motions can be filed for temporary orders (or Orders to Show Cause) for control of property, placement of minor children, liquidation of assets, child support or spousal maintenance.  These issues would be hard to address without an attorney.

Also in the temporary period is the need to conduct discovery.  Discovery allows the client to determine what the assets and debts are, and help determine how to make a case to divide this property, assets, and debts.  Without an attorney often things are overlooked.   Some of the more difficult areas of discovery are maintenance determination, pension distribution, and what is or is not a part of the marital estate.  Without an attorney is would be very hard to make such a presentation to the judge if the matter goes to trial.

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