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Jefferson WI Family Law

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Family Law is the practice of the laws and rules developed regarding family relationships.  Family law rules define not only the relationships between members of a family, but also between a family and society as a whole.  More than any other area of the law, family law reflects the values society shares regarding how people who are related should treat each other.  When you are faced with an important life decision regarding a key family relationship, the advice and assistance of a Jefferson County family law attorney at Missimer Law, S.C. often proves crucial to your understanding of the issues involved and your satisfaction with the ultimate outcome of your Jefferson County WI family law matter.

Typically, Jefferson WI family law attorneys assist people in making and breaking family relationships.  Specific areas of representation include marriage and relationship planning, divorce, paternity, child custody, child placement, and child support.  Some Jefferson County family law attorneys also provide assistance in the areas of adoption or grandparents’ rights.

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