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Paternity Cases | Guidance and Legal Advocacy

Paternity is a method of solidifying a child’s parentage. A request to establish paternity may be filed by the state, county, or an individual. In a paternity action, the court generally will order DNA tests to establish paternity. The results of the DNA tests will allow the father to seek custody rights and physical placement or visitation with the child. The court will also set child support based on the parents’ incomes and how much physical placement each parent has.

Reasons to Establish Paternity:

  • provide the child with a needed identity.
  • establish a health history of both parents for medical care and treatment of the child.
  • allows financial support from two parental sources.
  • enables the child to be covered by parents’ health insurance, social security, inheritance and veteran’s benefits.
  • parents are able to seek public assistance where they qualify.

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Family law has changed significantly since the 1970’s. Legal issues pertaining to divorces, child custody disputes, child support, domestic violence, and other family law matters have been scrutinized and redefined.  These changes to Family law continue to change significantly, and that is why hiring Attorney Richard S. Missimer for your case is an important step in protecting your rights.

At Missimer Law, S.C., we can provide valuable counsel and objective representation in what can be emotionally charged situations. Our experience in family law issues covers child support obligation, establishing rights to inheritance, securing consent for a child’s adoption, or gain or prohibit custody or visitation rights.

Our firm has both filed paternity cases and represented potential parents in paternity cases. We have also represented clients on both sides when paternity cases evolve in the midst of divorce actions.

Missimer Law, S.C.  is well-established in guiding their clients and providing the needed legal advocacy for paternity cases.

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