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Janesville Paternity

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Paternity cases in Janesville (i.e. Rock County) is a method of solidifying a child’s parentage.  A request to establish paternity may be filed by the state, county, or an individual having an interest in the case.  In a paternity action, the court will generally order DNA tests to establish paternity.  Then, once the father is adjudicated, the father is able to seek custody rights and physical placement or visitation with the child through the court.  The court will also set child support based on the parents’ incomes based on how much physical placement each parent has.

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The main reason we are hired for paternity cases in Janesville is to protect our client’s rights.  These cases move very quickly; and we have the knowledge and experience to guide the potential parent through the process by helping decide how to proceed before the issue is upon them in court.

Our firm has both filed paternity cases and represented potential parents in paternity cases.  We have also represented clients on both sides of paternity cases and even in the midst of divorce actions for children not the child of the married spouse.

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We believe you will find that Atty Richard is an extremely good Paternity Attorney in Rock County WI. He will give you a free consultation by phone, consider contacting him at (262) 565-8200.


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