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Elkhorn Child Placement

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Elkhorn Child Placement | Walworth County Child Placement cases (i.e. Elkhorn, Delavan, Lake Geneva, or East Troy) start with a temporary order for placement while the divorce or paternity action is pending.   Normally during that hearing the parents of the child are send to mediation in an attempt for them to settle the placement of their child between them and without further litigation.  If they fail to settle placement during mediation then a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is assigned to the case to determine for the court what the best interest of the child is in their opinion.   The litigation process also includes discovery which helps the parent prove that they are the better person to have the majority (or primary) care of the child.

Walworth County courts often will award 50/50 placement if both parents are living within the same school district as the child, and there is no reason to not make such an award.  Attorneys help clients determine what is and is not good cause to have the placement they desire.  Unfortunately, clients get one chance at this determination because after a judge makes their ruling that order cannot be altered (in the two(2) years immediately following the order) without substantial change in circumstances, and the change being in the best interest of the child.  After that two(2) year period it only requires the best interest of the child to make a change in placement.  But since there is a status quo that has gone on for two(2) years already, it is still not easy to justify major changes in child placement.   It is always a good idea to hire an attorney when children are involved.

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